PowerShell: Export and Import ADFS 2.0 settings.

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Hi Guys,

A recent upgrade from ADFS 2.0 to ADFS 3.0 meant we needed an easy way to migrate existing configurations to the new federation services. This is a huge time save and avoids good old human error.

It’s never fun when SSO breaks for a whole application because  “l” (lower case L) got replaced with and “I” (upper case i). Yes, its pretty much indecipherable in the default MS font!

Check out the script below:

[cc lang=”powershell”]
Function Test-ADPassword {
$Cred = Get-Credential -Message “Enter Domain Credentials”
$Username = $Cred.username
$Password = $Cred.GetNetworkCredential().password

# Get current domain using logged-on user’s credentials
$CurrentDomain = “LDAP://” + ([ADSI]””).distinguishedName
$Domain = New-Object System.DirectoryServices.DirectoryEntry($CurrentDomain,$Username,$Password)
$DomainName = $

if ($ -eq $null)
write-host “Authentication failed for $Username – please verify your username and password.” -BackgroundColor Black -ForegroundColor Red
write-host “The account $Username successfully authenticated against the domain: $DomainName” -BackgroundColor Black -ForegroundColor Green
$Password = $null


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