3 Technology Risks That May Compromise Your Business

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The advent of technology has drastically changed the business landscape. It has significantly improved the way companies conduct business by way of increasing efficiency, productivity, and the quality of outputs. The emergence and rise of applications and software have assisted employees and boosted many business processes.

One can say that companies can get many advantages out of utilizing the various forms of technology. On the other side of the spectrum, these technologies that offer many benefits can actually pose a threat to many businesses when improperly incorporated and badly used. At times, these technologies can expose your company to potential risks that can compromise the safety and security of your business.

That said, below are three technology risk factors you should be wary of. Keep on reading to learn how to avoid these potential risks in technology at all costs!

  1. Infrastructure

Your company’s infrastructure can be a primary risk factor. It’s easy to lose sight of your IT infrastructure once you have set it in place. Chances are, you and your employees are more focused on the core function of the business. The problem is, your IT infrastructure might get left behind while your company grows. When new technologies are incorporated, they may compromise your outdated IT structure and technology that are already set in place. This is why you have to make sure that you constantly monitor, regulate, and update your IT infrastructure.

  1. Passwords

In any given business, passwords are important for individual privacy and business access. However, never undermine the complacency of password creation and sharing and how it can risk your business. When passwords are compromised, they will not only impact the employees’ access, but they can cost the confidential information of your customers or clients. They can leak your company’s data that can affect and cripple your business operation. That given, always implement robust, standard protocols for data and security. Start with password creation and sharing guidelines and be sure to enforce these guidelines across all stakeholders involved.

  1. Backups

The need for backups is one challenge faced by many companies, particularly those dealing with a massive amount of data and information. Some of these companies do not have a proper backup protocol that ensures data protection and the utmost security, while other companies do not even have back up systems. In fact, a recent study shows that 43 percent of businesses experiencing a “major loss” of computer records were immediately put out of business. The same study confirms that another 51 percent permanently closed their doors within two years. Backing up your business information is essential for your business survival. When setting up your data backup, make sure to speak to a specialist.

// Final words

Technology is beneficial for businesses while serving as a potent tool in helping a company achieve its business success. However, today’s big IT advantages come with its own set of risks. Take into consideration the three major risks outlined above, and do what it takes to avoid them. You don’t want to compromise your business and put your whole company in danger by not paying attention to these technology risks.

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